Meet the FEL Executive Committee

The Foundation for Endangered Languages has an Executive Committee (EC) that governs the operation of the Foundation and organises events and activities. In this and following posts we will introduce readers to the current EC members, with information about their backgrounds, interests, and links to relevant web pages.

Serena d’Agostino

I am an Italian independent researcher (graduated from University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ in 1997) who spent many years in Quebec, Canada. I have been honoured to acquire Indigenous Knowledge and believe that this wisdom is vital for the future of our species on earth. Since 2003 I have volunteered in the field of endangered languages for FEL, Centro Editorial de Literatura Indígena, Asociación Civil (CELIAC) in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I am a founder of FEL Canada. Now back in Italy, I share what I have learnt on what First Nations people call Turtle Island, and enjoy living in my mother tongue. I am currently involved in managing the FEL Facebook page.